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Hello everyone!
I recently busy,so did not update the blog. If you have any questions about China. You can always send a message to me.My email address is 1486791495@qq.com


Resurrection Tour

My friends, after more than two years of silence, I resurrected today. From now on, I will continue to write articles for friends.
See you……

Inside-painted stuff bottle

Inside-painted stuff bottle as a kind of Chinese traditional crafts is developed 300 years ago. It has high artistic value. A very long time ago the West did not believe that is directly drawn from the inside until the porduction site to be visited. This authentic works of art will be carrying the artistic elements of China onto the international political stage, and it was used for reciprocity between states when the most precious gift.
Inside-painted stuff bottle is a wonderful work in traditional art. The creation of painting requires superb skills. Not only a solid foundation but also through strict training to complete a piece of good work. Because the creation is not easy, so it is very valuable. Chinese traditional gift, traditional chinese New Year gift, traditional chinese wedding gift, traditional gifts for chinese new year, traditional chinese birthday gift.