Gettin rid of insomnia is simple

If you couldn't fall asleep quickly, if you always wake up at night unable to sleep, if you frequently wake up with a start from a drem, or if you feel dreaming all night……So I'm sorry to tell you: you are being troubled by insomnia. There are many reasons leading to insomnia. Pressure is the most importmant reason. The insomnia's harm is obvious from the perspective of short-term. Lack of sleep directly affects working of the second day, listssness, fatigue, weakness, emotional instability, lack of cocentration. From the perspective of long-term its harm is enormous. Insomnia can cause much disease.
How to do when we've got insomnia?
Please do as the following advices after dinner:
1, prepare some vinegar: 50g
2, prepare a pot of warm water
2, put the vineagr into the warm water
3, prepare a onion
And then, please put your feet into the pot soaked for 20 minutes.
The final step, please eat the onion.
aha, Good night!

2 评论:

linda said...

but what principles ?

Adeline1978 said...

if I ate a long onion tonight,tomorrow my colleagues would not dare to speak with me!!