Chinese health balls for elders

Health balls is a traditional health care instrument of China. It has a history of more than 500 years. It's made of stone, steel , copper or other materials.
When not busy you can play it, such as walking, watching TV or chatting.
It has a great help for people:
1, By hands movement, healthy balls can make the fingers and wrist bending flexibility, and promote wrist, elbow and other upper limb muscles.
2, The balls stimulate the second and third metacarpal bone of your hand, which helps to balance the central nervous system function, thus enhancing the physiological funciton of their organs to play the effect of "Running water does not get stale; a door hinge is never worm-eaten.".
3, It's an indisputable fact that hands movement is good for the brain. When playing the balls, people will focus thinking on the hands, eliminating all kings of distractions and tension to relax the brain. And hands movement make more adequate blood supply to the brain, therefore, often playing healthy balls can slow the rate of brain aging, but also to avoid the occurrence of dementia.
If you want to give gifts to parents, leaders or friends, the Chinese healthy balls is a good choice.

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Linhag-baby said...

Its great!!

D.B. said...

i have 2 of them, its fun to "play with the balls" xD

Disser2 said...

I have also some of them, its really great to play around with it^^

Raw said...

I used to have some of these, they're pretty relaxing.