Chinese Tea is the best natural drinks

China is the origin of tea, and tea first appeared in China's mountainous southwest. But some scholars believe that the origin of tea is India. This issue is not important on the origin of tea, and the importance is that tea has many benefits to human health.
But why it has lots of benefits? With the development of science, to the 19th century tea's ingredients gradually clear. After the indentification of modern science, tea contains 450 kinds of organic components, and the inorganic mineral elements achieve over 40. Can be said that green tea is the most natural drinks.
The two of tea culture and Chinese medicine have a very close relationship. The tea not only prevent many diseases, but also anti-aging effect. Tea is the best choice for a lot of female beauty, in China many actresses have the daily habit of drinking tea.
In addition, need to remind everyone that the tea will have a shelf life, do not drink the tea of more than shelf life. Green tea's shelf life is generally about 1 year.
The price of tea is different because of the varieties. In China, the price is high, because the quality of cheap tea is poor, it is not beneficial to the body.
When choose tea do not just look cheap. Please remember that: nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny!

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Naturally Carol said...

My eldest son lives in Taiwan and sent me some lovely good quality green tea leaves from the mountains there. I often have a cup first thing in the morning..especially if my stomach is not feeling the best, and it will settle it and it will feel good afterwards.