Efforts to longevity

Humans have always hard pursue longevity, but not knowing longevity should start from now on. What method can help human to reach longevity? Mental health is the key factor, open-minded and modest. There are many unpleasant things in a person's lifetime, and as long as we keep a good attitude everything well be OK!
Hope everyone do the followings:
1, speaking princile while face the great things, speaking style while face the small things
2, Controling of your own desires, insipid life is happy
3, worrying will accelerate aging, so while meeting difficulty should smile bravely
4, do not lose your temper when others make mistakes, please remember "don't let others' mistakes punish yourself"
5, the solitary person's life is very short, so you should ofter look for a friend to chat

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elexerdelex said...

Theres some serious wisdom in this!

D.B. said...

ty for this post