Healthy sexual activity

Sexual activity is indispensable. When making love, how to do not only meet the needs of both but also take the healthy effects for each other?
Should be noted five points:
1, keep clean
Both men and women should pay attention to maintaining external genital organs clean. In addition to regular bath, also pay attention to clean the external genitalia with warm water. In this way, men can pervent packet dermatitis and balanitis; women can pervent genital inflammation and urinary tract infections. After sexual intercourse, the two should immediately urinate that can reduce the chances of infection.
2, properly control of the frequency of sexual intercourse
To the prime of life, frequency of sexual intercourse can be a little more, for example three times a week. But frail may be less. Serious illness, should be prohibited.
3, Attention to the prevention of influenza
If the husband and wife makes love nakedly, vulnerable to get cold. In case of cold, the symptoms is generally heavier and longer, a great harm to the body.
4, Avoid sexual intercouse after drinking
In fact, drink a little wine can make the skin blood vessels to dilate, blood flow, giving a feeling like an oven. If you make love after drinking, and it is a mistake. Since ancient times physicians warn people not to do like that. Modern medicine has proved that alcohol is a kind of gonadal toxin, and drinking too much may be poison the gonadal.
5, Don't have sex in a bad mood
Making love in a bad mood not only not enjoy a harmonious sexual activity, but also dislike each other. If repeated like this, will lead to the woman's frigidity or the man's impotence.

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D.B. said...

tks for the advice, ill be sure to avoid the bad mood sex for sure.

elexerdelex said...

This really is a nice blog :D
Interesting posts :D

Anonymous said...

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