How to lower high blood pressure

How to lower high blood pressure?How to prevent high blood pressure?How to get rid of high blood pressure?How to control high blood pressure?
Let me recommend everyone an green and effective treatment! Please do as I say:
1, prepare some corn stigma: 80g
2, clean it and dry it in the sun
3, prepare a bottle of water
4, put the corn stigma into the water and boil the water
5, after the water cooler, drink the water
You must do in accordance with the above requirement three times a day!
Maybe some people will ask: why?
haw haw...
Because corn stigma contains much calcium,scales,iron and other trace elements, and rich in glutamic acid. It can promote brain cell metabolism and it's conducive to the body's normal metabolism of fat and cholesterol. Corn stigma has a good effect on the treatment of hypertension(high blood pressure) and chronic nephritis.
Good luck!

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Cloris said...

My father got high blood pressure,and he ate lots of antihypertensive drugs,but once stopped medication blood pressure increased immediately.We're very worried about him!!!