Annoying Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea refers to women's abdomen or back pain occurs during menstruation(or before menstruation or after menstruation). It happens with the menstrual cycle, and severe cases may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, cold sweat dripping, even fainting, to the impact of work and life.
How to get rid of it? I can help you!
Please do as the following advice:
1, prepare some fennel: 400g
2, prepare a basin of water
3, put the fennel into the water
4, boil the water to 100 degrees
5, after the water cooler
6, soak your feet in the warm water about 30 minutes
Good luck!

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Joanna said...

I heard it from a Chinese friend of mine,but not tried^_^

goldblog said...

hi, ni hao!!