Not eat less,but to eat more reasonable

In fact, poor eating habits and a balanced diet structure is the main reason of fat. Therefore, losing weight does not mean blindly sedulous ground on a diet or even a hunger strike, but to fundamentally change their unhealthy eating habits and structure, carries out the scientific and reasonable diet principles, including a healthy diet structure, the necessary nutritional intake and regular dining habits and scientific cooking methods, etc. In short, it is "not eat less, but to eat more reasonable".
Appropriate exercise does can strengthen the plastic body, but the too much exercise is not desirable, especially for physical inherently bad people, not conducive to lose weight, it will cause some side effects. Exercise routines, more than the load of normal human, it is apt to cause the athletic injury or produce tiredness even fatigue syndrome. For many people, it's easy to lead to weight rebounds.
Both safe and effective method reducing weight shall pay more attention to the comprehensive effect. Proper diet control especially change poor eating habits and a moderate exercise for dieters is necessary, but should not deliberately on diet or exercise the unilateral action.
Below, I introduce a healthy method to lose weight:
1, morning drink a cup of brine, then eat a pear and an egg!
2, lunch can according to their own habits eat, but eat satisfied only 70%, and avoid Fried and greasy food.
3, dinner with vegetables and pear is given priority to, then drink a bowl of vegetable soup.
4, out of the three meals don't eat any snacks, if you feel hungry eat pears.
According to this method insist on two weeks, the effect is very obvious.

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jack002 said...

i do not like pears...
after eating pears i have to go to the toilet because of stomach ache..

Danilo Sergio Pallar Lemos said...

Thanks for being following me. Your blog whenever I'm visiting.