Massage TCM points to prevent diseases

If everyone gently massages the corresponding region of the palm three times a day. It can prevent or mitigate the diseases of the corresponding organ. The above chart is the TCM acupuncture points in the palm.
1,Ankle 2,Knee 3,Hip 4,Wrist 5,Elbow 6,Shoulder 7,Wrist 8,Elbow 9,Ankle 10,Knee 11,Brain and pituitary 12,Hip 13,Eyes,ears and nose 14,Mouth,throat and thyroid 15,Esophagus 16,respiratory system 17,Liver 18,Stomach 19,Spleen 20,Duodenum 21,Kidney 22,Pancreatic 23,Ureter 24,Circulatory system 25,Small intestine,colon,rectum and anus 26,Bladder 27,Reproductive system 28,Sacral 29,Lumbar 30,Thoracic 31,Cervical vertebra

The best method to massage the palm of your hand is playing Chinese health balls. Please look at the post: Chinese health balls for elders

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